Spam Stinks

Hey spammers?

You suck.

Every morning I wake up to dozens of new blog comments. Yay!

Sadly most of them are spam comments. Boo!

In an effort to cut down on the crud I’ve disabled the anonymous commenting feature.

If you normally use the anonymous feature but you’d like to continue commenting (I hope so!) please get yourself signed up withΒ OpenID. (You probably already are and don’t know it!)

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

25 thoughts on “Spam Stinks

  1. They certainly do suck. As if we would respond to their misspelled unintelligible messages! Most of mine get trapped in the spam filter. I have never allowed anonymous comments because of spammers but I won't resort go to moderation and I don't think WordPress offers captcha … but I hate hate hate captcha almost as much as spammers, a pet peeve annoyance of mine when trying to comment. Phew. /rant!


  2. LOL, rant away Leslie πŸ˜‰ I do enjoy how most spam comments start out so complimentary. \”Your writing is fantastic, etc. etc.\” But then they share a link for chemical toilets or something, lol. Jerks.


  3. I understand your problem, that is why I use the moderation function. I just don't want comments about gardening tools or weightloss sites on my blogs. Although I did take down the word verification, because that was also a pain and completely impossible to read. But with moderation I can also get rid of the spam before these comments appear on my blogs. Irritating problem, this. kind regards,


  4. I used to have this problem a lot on my Blogger sites…and then I enabled comment moderation. That helped. On my WP sites, the filters are sometimes TOO good and I find legitimate comments in the spam folder…sigh.Good luck!


  5. I sometimes have to go through spam, because it moves comments that's valid. I once found one a comment from someone who regularly comments in Spam 2 weeks after the fact.


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