January: A Voluminous Month of Reading

January was a stellar month of reading for this girl. According to Goodreads I’m 7 books ahead of schedule. (I challenged myself to read 125 books this year) Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. 
You want a list? Of course you do. 
How was your January? 

38 thoughts on “January: A Voluminous Month of Reading

  1. The pace you set puts me to shame! I struggled to make it through 8 books- I don't know that I'll be able to keep up that pace. 100 books this year might be too ambitious for me. I bow to your readerly prowess.


  2. Damn girl! Nice work for one month! The gif is a winner too.I stole your idea and I've been marking my books on Google Maps as well…I've found it's inspiring me to specifically look for books in a variety of locations. I read an awful lot of stuff set in New York City. haha.


  3. Wow, that is a ton of books. I love your google map. I started doing that this year also. I \”kinda\” joined Book Journey's Where are you Reading challenge and made my own map. It is so much fun and I wish I had always kept track. It would have been fun to look back over the years.


  4. I hit 7 – one under my monthly minimum I've set up for myself. My goal is 100 and really that means somewhere between 8 and 9 books a month. It can only get better from here though. I love how you tear through books. The most I ever read in one month, when I was a stay at home mom to really good nappers was 14.


  5. I think I hit 5 books. =.= While I haven't made a Google Maps chronicling where the novels I read are set (SUCH a cool idea btw), I have noticed that I read a lot of books that are either set in Asia or on the East Coast… Hm.


  6. I read 7 in January, which felt like a lot for me! I was pretty conservative with my 35 books on the Goodreads 2013 challenge, but I hope I can hit 50 for the 50 Book Pledge. Trying to not get too ahead of myself, though. It's going to be a busy year!


  7. That's a good goal. I'm glad to do a bit of stockpiling right now because who knows what will happen in February right? (Or in March, or in November…etc.) Nap time was my best reading time too, back in the day. Now that I homeschool my youngest we have a lot of reading time too.


  8. WoWWW I can't believe it! Well done!! :)This is the first year I have my Goodreads challenge, and I've been 1 book behind the schedule for a few days, but now, fortunately, I'm on track :PBut you are my hero now!


  9. Good gracious, you read fast! I managed to read about six books in January, which was really good for me!I love the idea of a google map of book settings! The only problem is, the book I just read is about a road trip; I have no idea where to pin it 😛


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