Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

One of my favorite things about reading has always been the ability to visit other lands that I’ll probably never   physically travel to. I can walk the streets of New York without changing out of my pajama pants. I can explore the shops of Beverly Hills while waxing my upper lip. I can bicycle throughout Italy without washing my hair!

When I saw this post from Meg I knew I had to steal borrow her idea. She kept track of the main settings of the books she read in 2012 on Google Maps. Isn’t that brilliant!?

I’ll be doing the same for the books I read in 2013. It’s only January 11th and I’ve already been to China, Ireland and Germany. Not too shabby right?

Every day I’m travelin’ 

If you’d like to see where I’ve been you can check out my map HERE. I’ll be updating frequently and I’ll probably slap something up in the sidebar too. Let me know if you plan on doing something similar! (I think you should, because it’s pretty awesome.)

23 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

  1. What an awesome idea, especially for someone like me who cringes at the thought of road trips right now (minivan, car seats, Disney DVDs, snacks, pack-in-play, diapers…). Virtual traveling sounds much more enjoyable.


  2. Since I've only read 3 measly books in January, your post made me realize I've been spending all my time with those incorrigible (good word?) British people.


  3. Hey, that's cool! I have a list of country tags titled \”Around the World in Books & Movies\” — it would be super easy to put them on Google maps.


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