I Have Been…

I’ve seen this fun little meme zipping around the blogosphere (most recently @ Roof Beam Reader) and I’ve decided to give it a whirl!


Bloggish stuff, Twitter stuff, Facebook (mostly pics and links, but it’s all good I swear) stuff. Twitter has been a riot today due to this bit of fun.


I finished Love Anthony by Lisa Genova last night. Well, no..it was this morning actually. Somewhere around 2:45 AM. Zzzz.  I’ll be starting How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran any minute.


Two of my newest downloads: Owl City & Phillip Phillips


The 5th season of Breaking Bad. I heart Walter. I heart him so hard. (Jesse is fun to look at too, hubba hubba)


At the first few posts in the 2012 Virtual Advent Tour, and at the questions on The Broke and the Bookish Annual End of the Year Book Survey.


I recently finished The Round House by Louise Erdich so I’m currently exploring Ojibwe culture. I love learning new things more than anything. Send me a random fact and I’ll be your bestie.

A little bit scatter-brained. This is not unusual. At all.


Take a guess? Christmas, duh!

That I was finished with all of my Christmas shopping. Not yet. Soon? I hope.


All of those end of the year best of book lists that are floating around. The Huff Post Books List for example.
What are YOU watching, learning, loving, etc? 

10 thoughts on “I Have Been…

  1. Love it! I'm definitely with you on your \”watching\” and \”loving\” things. And I'm not really a big fan of Christmas, but Buddy the Elf is pretty irresistible. He loves smiling, and smiling is my favorite, too! I might have to try out this meme on my blog tomorrow… on my way out to see a concert in a bit.


  2. I need to start watching Breaking Bad! Maybe I'll start once the semester is over. Elf is such a good movie! We just finished watching it. Random Ojibwe fact: I think they're known also as the \”people of the book\”. I remember reading something like that in Erdrich's latest non-fiction book. I'm watching Once Upon a Time, learning anthropology and various religions for school, loving The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken, and wishing that my little sisters would act better! ;-)Have a good week.


  3. Breaking Bad is so good! Soooo good! I'd like to read more of Erdrich. My family is Sioux, my stepmother is Ojibwe and I'm just fascinated by the culture and I'd like to learn more.I have to say that I'm jealous of your school stuff. Anthropology and Theology! That's fab 🙂


  4. We stalled out on season two with Breaking Bad. I keep urging my husband to start watching it again. We are all sorts of bad when it comes to series and TV. I love Buddy the Elf! That is one movie that just never gets old. I wish I was done Christmas shopping too. I only just got started…


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