Book Blogger Hop 09/14/12

I haven’t participated in this meme for a few weeks and I’m glad to be back! The question this week:
Highlight one of your favorite reviews from the past month!
I suppose that is less of a question than a direction hmm? I re-read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird for The Classics Club. Check it out!Β 

10 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 09/14/12

  1. Do you find that the more you blog and get around bloggers that the less time you have for re-reads? I use to re-read frequently and now I can't seem to get all the new stuff read.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see MUDBOUND is on your currently reading spot. It is an AWESOME READ.Have a great day.ElizabethSilver's Reviews


  3. Hi, Jennifer!Like you, I read this novel years ago. I think it's about time I read it again, for the pure pleasure of such a great plot and characters! It definitely deserves the label of \”timeless classic\”! Your take on the book is perfect! I totally agree with you about Atticus — what a MAN!! I don't think most men have any idea how attractive they become to a woman when they steadfastly stand up for what is RIGHT. I saw the movie version, as well, and thought that Gregory Peck really nailed this character.One thing I especially like about your review is that you've included all of the various covers that have graced this novel. I've never seen amything like this before in a review. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful review!! : )


  4. Thank you for such a lovely comment Maria πŸ™‚ Atticus Finch is simply the greatest protagonist in the history of books, if you ask me! Gregory Peck was the only choice to play him in the film. What a great role for him. I was so glad to find all of those covers, I love seeing them all together like that.Thanks again for stopping by!


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