Book Blog Appreciation Week ~ Day 1

Day 1 of Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Appreciate!

It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week! This is my first time participating in this event, I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. I’m always on the hunt for more book blogs to fall in love with.

On Day 1, today, we’re to share with our readers some of the blogs we enjoy.

The first blog I’ll mention is The Classics Club:

The Classics Club was started on March 7 , 2012 by Jillian at A Room of One’s Own. Her goal was to, “unite those of us who like to blog about classic literature, as well as to inspire people to make the classics an integral part of life.” She thought about several ideas but finally settled on inviting people to make out a list of (at least 50) classic titles they intend to read and blog about within the next five years. After a few months, the club grew, and it was decided to create a separate site to house everything related to The Classics Club. And this blog was born!

FYI: Jillian’s blog A Room of One’s Own is one of my favorites, and through The Classics Club blog you can find many many other awesome folks that love to read the classics!

A few blogs that I love to read because they are smart, funny, clever, bookish and awesome are:

Go show them some big book blogging love and appreciation. You won’t be disappointed AND they deserve it! You can find more of my favorites listed on the right under Blogs I Dig ~~~>

34 thoughts on “Book Blog Appreciation Week ~ Day 1

  1. I come via Wendy from Musings of a Bookish Kitty and I'm to have discovered your place here as it looks as though we have similar tastes in books. Although Gone with the Wind was a beating for me. 😉 I just recently joined The Classics Club and love Jillian. Happy BBAW!


  2. Thanks for mentioning The Classics Club! We put a lot of time/energy and love into that blog, so it's really gratifying to see some people mentioning it. There will be a guest post coming up on the BBAW blog re: The Classics Club, too! :DJill and That's What She Read are favorites of mine, too!Happy BBAW, everyone!


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today, and it's great to discover your blog, and also the others that you've listed here, thanks for highlighting them.Lindsay


  4. Thanks for visiting me today! I love meeting like minds. =O) I am now following you back via GFC and email. Of course, you know I love Jillian's blog because I already posted about it (and The Classics Club). And Michelle at That's What She Read…I've followed her almost from the beginning. Gotta love another Michelle, right? Same spelling and everything! Insatiable Book Sluts…I was planning to follow because they (well, at least one of them) is participating in my EPIC Dark Tower series read-a-long. I will have to check out the rest of your list. Happy BBAW!


  5. Ha ha, I know what you mean about the name thing. Whenever I run into another Jennifer blogger I get all excited 😉 Thanks for following me Michelle, I really appreciate it. I'm excited to read more reviews and news from you. Yay for HISTORY!


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