It’s Monday! 08/06/12

I love this Monday reading meme, I’ve found some great blogs and some fantastic book recommendations by visiting all of the participating blogs.
Unfortunately this last week was not a great reading week for me. Boo! But I did have some fun on my blog:
Gone Reading created a coupon for YOU Relentless Readers which is pretty darn cool if you ask me!
I’ve joined The Classics Club. I had been eyeing up this challenge for a little while now and decided to take the plunge. You should check it out and join!
Here are some bookish bits from the past week.

My local library is having their annual used book sale this morning. You know I have to go to that! I’m hoping for a good haul.

I’ll also be picking up a decent sized stack of requested books at the library. I’m in dire need of a good read or two (or ten)!

Have a great week of reading everyone!

EDIT* I’m adding the Musing Mondays meme which I came across today. I love the question so I have to jump in with my answer!

This week’s question:
 What attracts you to a book blog? 
What puts you off in a book blog? 
Do you share personal stuff on your book blog? 
As far as content I usually like concise reviews, I don’t want to read half of the book on someone’s blog, ha! I like blogs that feature other bookish news and happenings. There is always something going on in the literary world and it’s fun to see what other bloggers have found on their trips through the internet. 
I like a clean look, uncluttered and simple. My own blog is very bare bones as of now, but I’m hoping to jazz it up a bit soon. I’m looking for a good design.
So the things that put me off a blog are basically the opposite of the things above. Blinky colors and hard to read text (too small, too neon or what have you) music, cluttery buttons and unnecessary bits everywhere make my head (and eyes!) hurt. 
I don’t share many personal things on my blog, this is for book people…I’m guessing they don’t want to know what I had for dinner last night. But you never know where this blog could go, I’m still a newbie!

31 thoughts on “It’s Monday! 08/06/12

  1. There are some weeks like that, aren't there? I have never had any desire to read the Classics. I can barely keep up with the new things that are coming out. I hope you score big at the used book store. My Monday Report is here. Happy reading!


  2. Our library had their sale over the weekend and fortunately my daughter and I were able to get there first thing and got some goodies! Hope this week is a better reading week for you.


  3. There sure are some weeks like that 😉 I try to shake it up by reading a classic now and then…this way I'll have a little push in that direction. But I love reading them so it's not a punishment or anything, lol. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Good luck with The Classics Club! I have an online book club that only reads classics. We've been together for eight years now, and I've read some amazing books with them.


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