Much Ado About Loving by Jack Murnighan and Maura Kelly

Publisher: Free Press
Publication Date: January 2013
Categories: Sociology, Marriage & Family, Books & Reading, Love & Romance

Finding love should be easier than ever before, given all the freedoms we enjoy. But as it turns out, the more options we have, the more difficult attaining romantic bliss becomes. We wonder: Should we put all our energy into online dating, or hang out in bars to find someone new? Should we settle for a friendship-with-benefits, or refuse to stop looking until we happen upon true love? And if we do manage to achieve the impossible and find a perfect match—soul mate, sexual dynamo, and best buddy all in one—how can we beat the relationship doldrums when they come, as they’re bound to in this hyperactive society?

In our quest to reach romantic nirvana, we turn to self-help manuals, magazines, talk shows, friends, relatives, and shrinks. But we’ve overlooked the true font of wisdom: the timeless stories written by great novelists. That’s where Much Ado About Loving comes in. In its pages, two book lovers who are also advice columnists—Maura Kelly and Jack Murnighan—relay the lessons in life and love that they’ve learned from reading more classic novels than your English teacher, while having far more romantic conundrums than all of Jane Austen’s characters combined. They’ve done the heavy reading—and the recovering from heartbreak—for you.

Now all you need is this book.

My Thoughts:

Is there anything that great literature can’t do? 

According to Maura Kelly and Jack Murnighan* it can teach us some very important lessons about love. I tend to agree. 

Kelly and Murnighan take turns writing the chapters and telling us about their hits and misses in the dating world. They share the triumphs and the failures. All along they tie their romantic adventures to the stories and lessons in classic literature. 

The chapter names made me chuckle and inspired me to keep reading:

Love in the Time of Online Dating
Why Too Much Emailing Can Be Dangerous

Overly Great Expectations
Why Idealizing Someone Can Come Back to Bite You

The Brief Wondrous Life of My Last Relationship
Are Men Genetically Coded to Cheat?

I’m quite fond of books about books and this one was a delight to read. 

*Why aren’t these two dating? I wondered that throughout the whole book!

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