Reactions to Recent Library Reads 04/24/13

Mind blown. For reals. The hook of this novel is that Ursula lives her life over and over. It doesn’t read like a gimmick because it’s done in a subtle and masterful way. Bravo Ms. Atkinson, bravo.Β 

A short story collection with a decidedly quirky flavor. Girls that turn into silkworms, giant seagulls with a penchant for thievery and vampire-sustaining lemons. I can’t say much more than that.
How could a book about such an awful time (Leningrad during WWII) make me smile so often? The blurb on the front of the copy I read says it all: “This spellbinding story perfectly blends tragedy and comedy.” -USA Today
Let me take this opportunity to thank my local library for being SO AWESOME! I don’t know what I’d do without that place.

Reactions to Recent Reads 04/14/13

This book is very well written. It has a good shot at winning the Pulitzer this year. It’s critically acclaimed and quite popular. Why couldn’t I get into it?? Whyyyy? This is one of those books that I should like. It fell solidly in the “just okay” column for me.

I was a wreck while reading this! Seriously, so many feelings. So tender, so heartbreaking. Also? I wouldn’t go back to high school for all the tea in China. (Yea, I use that phrase. Even though I don’t drink tea and I’m not 75 years old. Shut up.)

I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars with my youngest daughter. We recently bought the first four books. As soon as she was done with the first one I grabbed it. I didn’t expect it to be quite as enjoyable as it was. It was nice being able to compare notes with my kidlet as well.
Does it drive anyone else bonkers that her finger doesn’t hit the middle of her lips?Β