The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 03/01/2015

I posted 2 reviews this week (I know!!):  The Evening Chorus by Helen Humphreys and The Thing About Great White Sharks by Rebecca Adams Wright.

I read The Wonder Garden by Laura Acampora earlier this week. Right now I’m dying of laughter while reading That’s Not English by Erin Moore. Seriously, hilarious. I know it’s one I’ll recommend to every single one of you.

I should be bingeing on House of Cards right now. I’ll get to it. First, I have to catch up on a few episodes of regular TV that I missed this week. (Like Empire, wheee! What a show. Cookie just kills me.)

Monika, from A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall, has written a couple of posts that put a big grin on my face. Start with this one: 7 Book Bloggers Who Make me Happy! Then read Book Community HappinessRiver City Reading spread more love by talking about new-to-her bloggers that she’s recently started following. Thank you to everyone who is out there spreading the sunshine. I love it, I appreciate it, I need it. It’s been a long winter, ya’ll.


“I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may” 
– Leonard Nimoy

Do you dig Stephen King? You might want to check out King’s March, hosted by Rory and Wendy. I’m already planning on reading Pet Sematary as part of a readalong hosted by Jill. Two birds, one stone. Fabulous.

What’s up with you? Do you watch Empire? Do you plan on reading King this month? What are you reading? Tell me a thing or two.

31 thoughts on “The Relentless Weekly Wrap-Up 03/01/2015

  1. What's up with me? Snow. Boooo. Hate winter too. Nope, don't watch Empire, don't have network TV. Nope, don't plan on reading King this month. Read enough of King when I was a teenager to last a lifetime ;). A thing or two: I agree about Monika's posts, and not just because she was kind enough to mention me in one of them, but also because of what you said: about the sunshine. We definitely need more of that in the book blogging community right now.


  2. That's Not English sounds great!. I recently found an article that said comprise could be used as compose — and it threw me — and my editor's friend into new grammar frenzy. (Not really — but now I don't have to look at comprise and sigh anymore).


  3. Snow, boooo indeed. Everyone has definitely had enough of THAT this winter. I read every word of King's when I was teen too. It's fun to re-visit his crazy worlds. We need that sunshine. We need a lot of it too! 😀


  4. Hooray for blog love and hooray for finding new bloggers to hang with. 😀 My hubby doesn't watch House of Cards so I can do what I want, lol. But yes, do be careful so that you don't end up divorced this year, ha ha! Thanks so much for stopping by, Katie!!


  5. Adding \”That's Not English\” to my TBR list immediately! My boyfriend is British, and after a year we are still finding funny words or phrases that confuse the other one! I can't even get started on how confused we get with Dinner/Lunch/Tea/Supper – we had to call the meals by the time of day for a while! 😀


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