Women Float by Maureen Foley: Would You Rather?

Maureen Foley is the author of Women Float, a novella published by CCLaP. She’s visiting my blog today to play a lively game of Would You Rather. I hope you enjoy her answers!
Would You Rather:
1.Read only romance novels for the rest of your life…or only read horror novels for the rest of your life?

None of the above! Can I claim myself the true literary book snob that I am. Here are my rules: no re-reading books I’ve already read and no reading anything I don’t like. And I don’t have to finish anything I’m not into, literary merit or not. 

2. Be a mildly famous author now or be considered a literary genius after you’re dead?

Literary genius post-mortem, of course. What great author was lauded in their lifetime, especially women? Answer. No one. So, that’s easy. 

About Maureen
3. Only listen to audio books for the rest of your life…or only use an e-reader for the rest of your life?

I’d take the e-reader. I’m a very visual person so I need to see the words to connect with them. I love listening to books, too, but I don’t seem to retain the quality of the language in the same way. 

4. Write a character you hate, or write a plot twist that you hate?

Hate? Hmm. I don’t have the time or energy to write anything that I hate, right now, and I don’t think it would work anyways. I have to draw so much empathy into my stories for them to ring true that truly “hating” them would never make it past an editor, much less to the light of day. 

5. Would you rather read a poorly written book with an excellent story…or read a well written book with a terrible story? 

Ahh, such a subjective question. Many of my favorite stories are character-driven, although they lack solid plot or plot that is not, on its own, that interesting. So, I’ll take well written, any day. 

If you’ve never experienced the fine work that CCLaP publishes then this is the time. Do yourself a favor and download Women Floatfor free. However, I do hope that you’ll donate a small amount. Let’s make sure to keep small presses active!

I’d like to thank Maureen for taking the time to play Would You Rather here on The Relentless Reader.

16 thoughts on “Women Float by Maureen Foley: Would You Rather?

  1. This is a cool way to interview! I'd take the e-reader over audio too and for the same reason. But if forced to choose in number one, I'd take romance…horror is probably my least favorite of all.


  2. Awesome interview and super creative! I'd also take the e-reader. And as for the romance/horror – blech but I'll stick with the horror genre over romance any day!


  3. Well how fun is this! I agree with Maureen – I don't retain audiobooks as well, I think. I'm listening to The Bone Season right now on audio and I'm enjoying it (the narrator is fantastic), but I keep wanting to double-check certain words or phrases in my paper copy to make sure I'm getting things right.


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