30 Day Book Challenge: Day 7

Day #7: A Book That’s Hard to Read
What can make a book hard to read? Only two things. Poor writing and/or using a language that I don’t read. Latin perhaps. 
But I’m going to answer this by talking about a book I found hard to read…until it wasn’t. 
There were some pronoun issues when I first started this. I was all wait, what? Who? Huh? But once I got into the groove it was all good. I wouldn’t say it was smooth as butter but ya know, it worked. Whatever the issues were Ms Mantel had them all ironed out by the time she wrote Bring Up The Bodies because that was even better.
If you start this one and it’s a little slow going, give it a chance. It irons itself out. 

13 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 7

  1. I think it took me 2 months to read this book. I enjoyed it, but it certainly wasn't an easy read. I want to read \”Bring up the Bodies,\” but I'm not quite ready to put that much time into another book just yet!


  2. I haven't read this but I'm intimidated by the size, plus I'm not into \”that kind\” of historical fiction. I like my HF a bit more recent. I usually read 100 pages before giving up. Although, the way you describe it, not understanding a lot of it, I'd probably give up after 15 pages or so. Good to read it got better soon!


  3. I have learned to give up on a book if it isn't to my liking. I used to read to the end, even if I was dying of boredom. This one kept my interest and even though it was tough going at times I'm very glad I finished it. Also, this time period is my fave 🙂


  4. I find that it can take me a bit to get into a Jane Austen novel, but then when I do, there's no holding me back and I end up loving it. I haven't read Mantel's book yet, but I do want to.


  5. I have the audio sitting on my shelf. This one intimidates me and I've heard the audio helps a bit with the pronoun issue because of the different voices. We'll see. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to get to it soon.


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