The Lower River

I finished The Lower River by Paul Theroux yesterday. I was so glad to get to the end! Not because I wanted it over with, but because I couldn’t wait to see what happened to the main character.

As a young man Ellis Hock spent 3 months living and teaching in a small village in Africa. Decades later, as his life at home unravels, he decides to go back. His memories are idealistic but the village and the people are not at all as he remembers them.

Ellis finds himself in a desperate situation with very little control over what happens. He is at the mercy of a duplicitous chief and to the villagers that are just as desperate as he is.

That’s the very reason why I kept devouring this novel…oh how I love a book that isn’t predictable! I don’t think I’ve read any other of Mr. Theroux’s work but I’ll be on the lookout for more of his books.

If you read this I’d love to know what you think!

2 thoughts on “The Lower River

  1. Thanks for coming by my blog, came by to say hi and to look around. New follower now, I really liked your review on this book and now it is on my tbr!


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